About us

We are a competent and experienced team that solves customer issues and challenges with its innovative approaches. 

We work and develop in an environment where the beginnings of manufacturing, processing and final processing of steels date back more than 400 years. The heritage of tradition is reflected in the advantages of production capacity, good metallurgical knowledge, appropriate and experienced staff, acquired knowledge and experience, which are constantly updated, appropriate equipment for planning and development of products and technologies. We develop and manufacture pneumatic hammers and technological lines for the automotive industry and metallurgy. 

Excellent quality and customer service is our motto, which you can check with our many references. In accordance with our strategy, we have been the owners of the ISO certificate since the beginning of the company's operations. We update it regularly. Our products comply with European guidelines and bear the CE mark.

Oprema Ravne

Our history

History of Carinthia iron dates back to the14th century, documented in the year 1620, when in village Črna in Carinthia (Slovenian province) built the first iron foundry. They were later joined by other Carinthia foundries till 20 century when ceased to operate and remains just iron works in city Ravne.

During the 20-th century the workshops developed to modern steelworks and extended their product range to hi quality final products:   pneumatic and hydraulic powered machines for Mining and construction, machines for mechanical transformation, rolls for cold rolling mills, industrial knives, tools made of high speed and other steel and springs and stainless valves.

All of the above mentioned product groups now represent the main production program of individual companies, which have evolved from the former ironworks company Železarna Ravne (Steelworks Ravne). One of these companies is Oprema Ravne d.o.o., to which the production program of pneumatic and hydraulic powered machines was transferred.

In addition to manufacturing pneumatic hammers we developed program of technological equipment for production systems of car body workshops, technological equipment for production systems of spring plants and technological equipment for the conversion of non-ferrous metals....

Company Oprema Ravne d.o.o. was founded in its present form in 1997.

Since then, in addition to the program of pneumatic hammers and machines, our company has developed a program of technological equipment for production systems of leaf springs, body workshops, and metallurgical systems.

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