Ugol Rossii&Mining Trade Fair Novokuznetsk

From 4th to 7th of June 2013 an exhibition “UgolRossii& MINING 2013” took place in Novokuznetsk. Regarding our wish to expand the market and our bigger delivery to Russia, which was carried out in May, our representative attended this fair. Parallel discussions have shown that Russia has a huge potential, although it is a specific and demanding market.

Minex fair, Izmir, Turkey

With purpose to investigate the Turkish market, we visited the fair MINEX in Izmir. Exhibitors were presented in two halls, where all the main suppliers to the Turkish mines were present, as well as representatives of the mines. There were also some foreign exhibitors, mainly from Poland and the Czech Republic. The Turkish market is very large and promising. They have over 100 different mines. Competition in rock drilling machines is very strong. The most powerful are Chinese and local producers but other strong and worldwide known producers are present as well. Indeed, there is a potential also for our hammers. We had concrete talks on cooperation with many companies. We will try to get one of the strongest representatives for this market. After-sales activities are carried out.

Solar power station

At the end of December 2010 a photovoltaic power station started to operate on the rooftop of our company. The plant has a rated power of 201 kWp. It consists of 960 units of photovoltaic modules manufactured by Austrian companyKioto.Each unit has rated power of 210 Wp and 18 inverters of SMA manufacturer which change direct current into alternating suitable for the network.

Estimated annual electricity production is approximately 210,000 kWh, which represents about 30% of consumption of company OpremaRavne. Company OpremaRavne consumes most of the electricity for its own purposes, but some is for rent in the network (Saturday, Sunday production).
By the end of August 2013 we produced approximately 180,000 kWh, thereby preventing approximately 124 t of CO2 emissions and thus contribute to a cleaner environment.



OPREMA RAVNE Rock Drills have been designed  on mining  experience base, using latest design tools. Morever, they were  manufactured  upon best  metalurgy  and production standards.

High -  tec  introduced in Rock Drilling program offers

-          best performance / weight ratio (LIGHT SERIES DESIGN)

-          low noise and vibration level

-          highest safety levels (ATEX, CE certification)

-          excellent durability and short pay off period

-          individual Model and Configuration choice (based on ''LEGO'' princip-minimizing spares stock)

Short introduction for best choice of our MFD 90 LIGHT (26-27 kg) Rock Drill

1.)     Three models awailable (for best penetration rate)

-          MFD 90                      with stroke 45 mm (more rotation for softer ground conditions)

-          MFD 90 MAX             with stroke60 mm ( higher impact energy, less rotation)

-          MFD 90 MAX PLUS  with stroke60 mm & heavy piston ( for very tough stones & deep bores)

2.)     Several left or right hand operated configurations (for operators choice)

-          MFD 90 DI, DIL – used with Independent  controll DI Air Leg, different  angle drilling

-          MFD 90 C , CL -  used with Centralized air leg control on R. Drill handle, different angle drilling

-          MFD 90 SI,       -  used as SInker handheld R. Drill with antivibration handle, downwards drilling

-          MFD 90 ST      -   used as SToper air leg R. Drill for vertical upwards drilling (Alimak method,..)

-          MFD 90 Q        -   used as Quarry R.Drill mounted on (slide frame of) drill tower

Every model is awailable in all configuration  (least 3 x 5= 15 options)

Every option is awailable aswater flushed or dry, with hexagonal 22 (or 25)x 108 mm shank size

All MAX and MAX PLUS options are awailble also  as right direction rotated (for bolt fixation)

All MAX and MAX PLUS options are awailable with  PS polymer silenced cyl. Housing (safe in Methane

atmosphere-ATEX, second stage super silenced)


Rock Drills from 20 – 23 kg weight class are VK 20  and VK 23 .

VK 23 allows water flushing or air blowing of the bore, shank S22 or S25 size as airleg DI or handheld

SI configuration.

VK 20 is mostly used for small, short term drilling operation of handheld drilling downwards.

For all handheld drilling methods we have single (push)  antivibration SInker  handles .

For drilling with air legs, clients can choose double (push/pull) antivibration handles, to avoid

vibration while pulling Drill out of bore.



Single stage DI Legs  with  independent valve on leg for DI(L), SI(L) R.Drills

                      C   Legs without valve – operated from C, CL Rock Drill handle

                     ST   Legs without valve- operated from ST Rock Drill (remote) controll valve

Single stage  fully retractable Air Legs are  used if there is enough space for driling (extension/retraction). Can be steel covered for coal mines use with ATEX.

In different stroke (800,1000,1300 mm) awailable

Double telescopic (DT,DTC,DTS) air legs with advantage of long extension /retraction for use in very low roof mines or one push long holes.



Can be chosen from our product list based on requirements .

For price lists , delivery terms and other tecnical support contact our sales department 

 looking forward to start ''best choice'' collaboration with you we remain with Best regards,


Dear Customer

Company OpremaRavne become one of the world's leading producers by extending and updating the product range of pneumatic hammers. Our products can be found in markets from Finland to South Africa and from Russia to Australia.  We are focused to user-friendly developing solution in addition to compliance with the guidelines for the safe handling.
Our products are therefore adapted to work in such circumstances, and in accordance with the Directive 94/9/EC.
However, since the adjustments are not visible at first sight, as it is primarily for the proper selection of materials and verification of certain influencing factors that makes our hammers better, we decided to avoid any confusion. Therefore we also changed the colour of hammers. We painted them orange.
Orange symbolizes the Sun, stimulates creativity and optimism that gives energy and a constant change in terms of promotion and continuous development of our products ... In short, we wish this colour to bring a lot of energy, creativity ... everything you need most at work.

Darko Jevšnikar

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