Dear Customer

Company OpremaRavne become one of the world's leading producers by extending and updating the product range of pneumatic hammers. Our products can be found in markets from Finland to South Africa and from Russia to Australia.  We are focused to user-friendly developing solution in addition to compliance with the guidelines for the safe handling.
Our products are therefore adapted to work in such circumstances, and in accordance with the Directive 94/9/EC.
However, since the adjustments are not visible at first sight, as it is primarily for the proper selection of materials and verification of certain influencing factors that makes our hammers better, we decided to avoid any confusion. Therefore we also changed the colour of hammers. We painted them orange.
Orange symbolizes the Sun, stimulates creativity and optimism that gives energy and a constant change in terms of promotion and continuous development of our products ... In short, we wish this colour to bring a lot of energy, creativity ... everything you need most at work.

Darko Jevšnikar

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