Development of components

We are developing In-Wheel motors, Motor Controllers, BMS, electronic and mechanical components for electric vehicles together with our partners Elaphe d.o.o., Inštitut Metron, Sistemi Ines d.o.o., REC d.o.o.

In-Wheel motor development

Motor controller and BMS development


Development of mechanical components

Project Mobincity

We are partner on the project Mobincity, which is a project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (ICT for fully electric vehicles).

MOBINCITY aims at the optimization of FEV autonomy range and the increase in energy efficiency thanks to the development of a complete ICT-based integrated system able to interact between driver, vehicle and transport and energy infrastructures, taking advantage of the information provided from these sources in order to optimise both energy charging and discharging processes (trip planning and routing). Main specific objectives are:

  • To develop a system to be installed within the vehicle able to receive information from the surrounding environment, which can have influence in the vehicle performance (traffic information, weather and road conditions and energy grid).
  • To optimise the trip planning and routing of FEV using information from these external sources including alternatives from other transport modes adapted to user’s needs.
  • To define efficient and optimum charging strategies (including routing) adapted to user and FEV needs and grid conditions.
  • To implement additional energy saving methods (as driving modes and In-Car Energy Management Services) within the FEV interaction with the driver.

In order to reach its objectives, MOBINCITY joins together an outstanding group of 13 partners, coming from five different countries, covering relevant sectors as traffic management, energy, ICT and telecommunications and automotive industry.
Partners on the project:

ITE InstitutoTecnologico de la Energia, CIT Development S.L., Consorzioper la Ricercanell' Automatica e nelleTelecomunicazioni (CRAT), ElectronicTrafic, S.A (ETRA), Energy Institute “HrvojePozar” (EIHP), ENEL Distribuzione S.P.A., Elektro Ljubljana, d.d., ETREL Svetovanje in druge storitve d.o.o., Fraunhofer-EinrichtungfürSystemederKommuni-kationstechnik ESK, T-Hrvatski Telekom d.d. (HAT), TechnomarGmbH in ZabalaInnovationConsulting, S.A.

 Visit to learn more about the Mobincity project.


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