Solar power station

At the end of December 2010 a photovoltaic power station started to operate on the rooftop of our company. The plant has a rated power of 201 kWp. It consists of 960 units of photovoltaic modules manufactured by Austrian companyKioto.Each unit has rated power of 210 Wp and 18 inverters of SMA manufacturer which change direct current into alternating suitable for the network.

Estimated annual electricity production is approximately 210,000 kWh, which represents about 30% of consumption of company OpremaRavne. Company OpremaRavne consumes most of the electricity for its own purposes, but some is for rent in the network (Saturday, Sunday production).
By the end of August 2013 we produced approximately 180,000 kWh, thereby preventing approximately 124 t of CO2 emissions and thus contribute to a cleaner environment.


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